Fuel consumption, fast and smooth gear changes, the level of safety and comfort is the result of the transmission. ZF boxes are distinguished by reliability, consistency in the operation of the clutch and gear shifting in difficult terrain. For this they are appreciated by the manufacturers of trucks, road, construction and agricultural machinery.

ZF boxes are equipped with cars Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Ford, VW, Mercedes. Gearboxes of this company are carried by trucks MAN, Mercedes, DAF, KAMAZ, MAZ, IVECO, Youtong. We carry out repairs and overhauls of gear boxes for trucks and buses.

We make repairs of mechanical and automatic gearboxes ZF installed on MAZ, KAMAZ, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes equipment, etc. We will quickly and efficiently repair your gearbox. We also repair ZF control units.

We make computer diagnostics of all types of ZF automatic gearboxes, ZF hydromechanical gearboxes, and an intarder diagnostics on the ZF Testman factory equipment. (we do not read errors, we make a full in-depth diagnostics of the transmission for all indications, which will help to identify even those faults that have not yet shown themselves)

As a result of the work of the truck, there is an even consumption of fuel and a smooth gear shift. ZF gearboxes are reliable units that are responsible for the interaction of the clutch with the gears. Manufacturers of trucks and special equipment appreciate them for their strength and the ability to work on the ground with any terrain.

  • Computer diagnostics of the ZF gearbox with modern equipment;
  • exit computer diagnostics;
  • repair and maintenance of modulators

Types of gearbox repair

The company “Euroremdizel” is engaged in the overhaul of both mechanical boxes ZF, and automatic gearbox ZF (AStronic, GMP). Repair gearbox can be divided into capital and urgent.

In case of urgent repair, rapid diagnostics of malfunctions occurs and their elimination in a short period of time – usually about 2-3 days.

With a major overhaul, a complete diagnostics of the gearbox and its thorough repair takes place. Employees of the “Euroremdiesel” workshop make removal of the gearbox from the engine compartment with its subsequent disassembly and washing. Nodes are diagnosed for defects, the degree of wear of all parts is determined. After all these procedures, our specialists carry out the replacement of damaged and worn-out parts, assemble the gearbox and check its performance. The period of the overhaul may be about 5-7 days.

Configuring gearboxes requires increased attention to detail and the availability of specialized knowledge. Repair of ZF boxes should take place in workshops where all the necessary equipment is available, preferably improved modern ones. This equipment has a service station for Euroremdiesel trucks.

The reason for the failure of the transmission may be harsh road conditions or simply improper operation of the vehicle. For example, an untimely change of oil or filter can cause problems. Although in the automatic transmission, the oil in the transmission is not particularly contaminated, it is still recommended to change it. Approximate shift time – every 40-60 thousand km.

Automatic transmission during its work produces a lot of heat. This is due to the active work of the oil pump and torque converter. Therefore, it is important that the cooling system works properly in this type of box. If it works intermittently, the gearbox will overheat, which can lead to breakage.

Also negatively affect the operation of the gearbox speed drops: a sharp acceleration or deceleration. Often the gearbox does not have time to cope with such overloads and fails.

Gearbox Malfunction ZF

The following symptoms may indicate that the gearbox has failed:

  • the formation of oil traces;
  • increased temperature in the gearbox;
  • spontaneous gear change;
  • noises.

Types of ZF boxes for repair

We repair ZF gearboxes of the following types:

  • ZF North Benz
  • ZF 16S-1650 MAZ
  • ZF 16S-151 KAMAZ
  • ZF 9S-109 KAMAZ
  • ZF 8S-1350 KAMAZ
  • ZF 16S-151 Iveco Trakker
  • ZF S5-42 PAZ
  • ZF S6-150 YUTONG
  • ZF 6S-160 Higer 6129
  • ZF 6S-850
  • ZF 16S-221 IT
  • ZF 16S1820TO
  • ZF 16S181
  • ZF S5-42 Atego
  • ZF 9S1310
  • ZF 6S1010 MAZ
  • ZF 16S 181/221/251
  • ZF Ecosplit (Naberezhnye Chelny)
  • ZF Ecolite
  • ZFAs-Tronic

Repair of the ZF gearbox by our specialists is carried out using original spare parts from the manufacturer. Highly qualified employees use modern equipment and diagnose failures of any kind.

Repair of gearboxes ZF