German trucks MAN are considered to be a technique that you can always rely on. That is why they are so popular and widespread throughout the world. Belarus is no exception: not only trucks, but also other cars with engines of this company are often found on our roads. These engines are fully consistent with our ideas about German-made products. Their main characteristics are high efficiency, power, high quality, reliability and long service life.

However, in the service station “EuroRemdizel” often turn to repair engines MAN. This is not at all because they break every ten kilometers. Truck repair is so in demand only because there are so many of them on our roads.

MAN engine repair services

Specialists “EuroRemdizel” ready to deal with any problem that has arisen in the engine MAN. Mechanics who carry out diagnostics and troubleshoot are specialists with more than ten years of experience who have thoroughly studied the features of MAN engines. In addition, all customers of Euroremdiesel receive guarantees: we are confident in the quality of our work! Our company also carries out repairs of Mercedes engines.

Repair work

  • current and major repairs;
  • turbine repair;
  • repair of the block and clutch basket;
  • cylinder head and engine repair;
  • when repairing the cylinder head, replacement of seat valves can be made, also a leak test is done;
  • repair of fuel pump and connecting rods;
  • crankshaft grinding;
  • nozzle adjustment (also replacing sprayers);
  • washing units;
  • troubleshooting;
  • engine run-in (carried out in its own workshop workshop).

After the mechanics have completed all the necessary work and the engine is being run-in, Euro-Euro diesel engines report to the client about the repair of the engine.

Repair of trucks MAN start with the diagnosis – it is mechanical or computer. For its implementation, you can call the visiting team of specialists.

MAL truck faults

The first and most important reason is careless attitude to the car, neglect of regular maintenance, improper operation of the machine. Late replacement of oil and filters also negatively affects the operation and condition of engines. In particular, the oil protects the surface of engine parts from abrasion, and an insufficient amount of oil increases the risk of its rapid erasure.

Also, the cause of breakdowns can be an illiterate truck repair. Carried out by inexperienced mechanics in artisanal conditions, such a repair ultimately leads to additional expenses, since later qualified specialists have to fix everything. Trust the truck should be only proven companies that employ mechanics with extensive experience. In particular, Euroremdiesel Freight Service Station guarantees that it is professionals who work with engines. In addition, all the company’s specialists use modern tools and technological equipment.

Repaired engines

Car service carries out repairs of such engines as:

  • Engine MAN D0836LE510;
  • Engine MAN D0836 LE 510;
  • Engine MAN 836 LE 510;
  • Engine d0836le-510 228kw / 310ps;
  • Engine 81005066141;
  • Other models
Repair of engines MAN