Reliable and durable DAF truck engines with proper operation and regular maintenance pass a million kilometers to the first repair. At the same time, we must not forget that trucks are created for European roads, and our conditions for them are too harsh. These conditions are the main reasons for unscheduled engine repair. Also reduce the lifespan is capable of poor-quality fuel.

The DAF model range is represented by the following trucks:

  • LF series – light compact trucks;
  • CF – medium trucks;
  • XF – heavyweights.

In the course of operation, the parts and components of these machines wear out, so periodically you have to turn to the masters for diagnostics and repairs. Freight service station “Evroremdizel” many years performs repair engines DAF. Contact us with any breakdown so that we can fix it.

Engine repair services

Often we are asked: what kind of repair work on the engines of DAF trucks are we doing? We offer to get acquainted with the price list of works:

  • diagnostics of a faulty motor;
  • removing it from the machine, followed by disassembly;
  • troubleshooting;
  • checking the cylinder head for tight fit and tightness, and, if necessary, repair it;
  • cylinder block inspection and restoration, if required;
  • cleaning the oil channels and checking them for tightness;
  • molding of cooling channels;
  • rubbing valves;
  • pressure testing of oil channels and cooling system;
  • check axles of the crankshaft;
  • gilzovka, honing, boring block;
  • assembly of the motor and its installation on the machine.

What engine repair do we do?

The simplest is the current repair of DAF trucks, including the restoration or replacement of worn hinged elements:

  • sensors;
  • filters;
  • nozzles;
  • underwater.

All this is done by masters without disassembling the engine. More labor-intensive work differs with partial disassembly of the motor, which are required in a number of situations. We suggest you order the following services for the repair of the engine DAF:

  • replacement of the cylinder head;
  • installation of new seals, connecting rods, gaskets or valves;
  • replacement of the timing belt, etc.

The most difficult engine repair on DAF machines is a major one. It is required when the mechanics in the process of diagnostics reveal serious damage:

  • jamming of the power unit due to the destruction of the pistons or for other reasons;
  • rod breakage;
  • a crack in the cylinder block and other emergencies.

For overhaul, employees of the Euroremdiesel service station always dismantle the engine, and after the repair is completed, they are installed, adjusted and checked on the go. Our basic services and work performed are strictly regulated. More on technical capabilities

When do they turn to car service?

Engine repair from a DAF truck is required in certain cases, and failure cannot be determined without special equipment. In case of problems, seek repairs if the DAF engine gives the following symptoms:

  • reduction of compression, accompanied by a drop in engine power;
  • increased fuel and engine oil consumption;
  • difficulty starting the engine;
  • motor overheating and excessive vibration;
  • oil smudges on the engine block.

If you find these signs do not ignore the situation, and go to the service station “EuroRemdiesel” and order repair of the engine of the car DAF. The service center staff will diagnose, determine the faulty or worn parts, and then replace them and carry out maintenance and, if necessary, repair.

DAF engine repair